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May 21, 2019
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Communications Dictionaries
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Glossary of Telecommunications Terms Go
This 1996 hypertext version of Federal Standard 1037c contains concise and thorough definitions; many include links to detailed graphics (ex. electromagnetic spectrum).

CSR Acronym Definitions Go
Communications Standards Review offers this list of acronym expansions.

Telecommunication Terminology Database Go
TERMITE contains all the terms which appeared in ITU printed glossaries since 1980.

IBM Dictionary of Computing Go
Extensive reference covering communications as well as computing.

HEI Telecommunications Acronyms and Related Terms Glossary Go
Telecommunications and teleconferencing terms.

Glossary of Academic Information Technology Terms Go
Consists mostly of computer terminology with some networking and communications basics. Go
Cross-referenced internet glossary with links to related sites. A word oriented view of the web.

IBH Networking Glossary Go
Includes some networking term definitions and some telecommunications acronym expansions.

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