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December 17, 2018
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Electronics Dictionaries
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International Electrotechnical Vocabulary Go
The IEV database contains some 18 500 electrotechnical concepts divided into 73 subject areas (IEV parts). Each concept contains equivalent terms in English, French and German.

Electronic Cinematography Go
Technical glossary of electronic cinematography terminology.

CCTV Glossary Go
Glossary of closed-circuit television, general video and graphics terminology.

Glossary of Audio Terminology Go
Glossary of audio terminology definitions on the web.

Guitar Nine Records Glossary of Terms Go
Buzzwords, jargon and terms used in recording studios by producers, engineers, composers and musicians.

Dilettantes Dictionary Go
Dictionary of technical audio terminology by author Sandy Lerner. Appendices cover topics such as power consumption and decibel calculations.

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