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October 14, 2019
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Esperanto Dictionaries
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Esperanto - English Glossary Go
Brief definitions of 552 most common words in Esperanto.

Majstro Go
English to Esperanto (and a few other languages) translation dictionary.

Tradukilo Esperranto-English Translator Go
Esperranto-English translator. Automatically translates some words or even a whole sentence.

Esperanto - Rusa Vortaro Go
Esperanto-Russian Dictionary.

Esperanto-Angla GCSE Wordlist Go
Esperanto-English word list, sorted by topics.

Travlang Esperanto Dictionaries Go
Freeware multilingual program Ergane.

Australian and New Zealand Esperanto Dictionary Go
Provides Esperanto translations of English words specific to Australia and New Zealand.

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