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October 14, 2019
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Filipino / Tagalog Dictionaries
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Tagalog Phrases Go
Useful expressions in Tagalog.

Pinoy Slang Go
Database of Filipino slang and acronyms.

Tagalog - English Dictionary Go
Learn more about the Philippines national language. A quick reference for Tagalog words and phrases.

Foreignword - Tagalog/English Go
Bidirectional Tagalog - English dictionary.

Copongcopong - Pinoy Slang Dictionary Go
Copongcopong. Pinoy Slang. Salitang Kanto. Salitang Kalye. Salitang Balbal. Ito ay hindi wikang Tagalog, kungdi Wikang Pilipino.

Jonsay's English-Tagalog Dictionary Go
English translated into Tagalog using word lists.

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