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May 21, 2019
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Genealogy Dictionaries
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Behind the Name Go
The etymology and history of first names.

Chinese Characters: Genealogy and Dictionary Go
Etymological Chinese-English dictionary that uses 'genealogical charts' to show the connections between characters. Includes a FAQ and search capabilities.

Babynames Thesaurus Go
You can search for a name from its meanings. The site has more than 10,000 names with meanings.

BabyNamer Meaning Search Go
Interested in the meaning of a specific name or looking for a name with a certain meaning? Find names with a specific meaning or enter a name to find its meaning.

Kabalarian Philosophy Go
300,000 names and analysis.

First Names and What They Mean Baby Go
Ever wonder what your name means? Having a baby and need a name?

Olive Tree Genealogy Translations of Dutch Words in Church Records Go
Translation of Dutch words and phrases found in church records.

Genealogy Glossary Go
Glossary of genealogical terms and abbreviations.

Latin Primer for Genealogy Terms Go
List of common Latin words found in genealogy records and their meanings. Go
Offers origins, statistics and popularity rankings for people names. Users can search and compare the most popular names, find trending names and review various list of names by origin, region decade and more. Started in 1998 as 'The Meaning Of Names'.

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