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January 17, 2019
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Internet Dictionaries
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Computer and Internet Glossary Go
A comprehensive glossary of computer and Internet terms with easy-to-understand definitions. High-Tech Dictionary Chat Symbols Go
These terms are used in online real-time typed conversation as a sort of short-hand form of communication.

Glossary of Internet Acronyms and Expressions Go
An extensive list of commonly used e-mail and chat acronyms.

Lingo2word Go
Information on slang, abbreviations, emoticons and catch phrases used in text messages. Features bidirectional translation between 'message lingo' and standard English.

PCWorld: A Guide to Internet Lingo and Emoticons Go
Glossary of acronyms, abbreviations, and other Internet slang terms. High-Tech Dictionary Emoticons Go
Emoticons are facial expressions made by a certain series of keystrokes. Most often producing an image of a face sideways.

Internet Dictionary Project Go
Limited word translation engine, for English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Latin, and Portuguese. Assyrian and Persian dictionaries are in the works.

Webmaster Glossary Go
Web-related terms and abbreviations with links to articles providing detailed background information. High-Tech Dictionary Domain Suffixes Go
These extensions found at the end of a URL or e-mail address signify a category of web site, such as commercial (.com) or the country from which the web site originates, such as Tuvalu (.tv).

Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms Go
A list of Internet-related terms and definitions.

Web Hosting Glossary Go
Web hosting terms with short and simple definitions. Search Engine Terms Go
Search Engine Terms - A Glossary Of Internet Search Technology.

Netdictionary Go
Alphabetical reference guide to standard internet English, presented as a Java applet and as a set of HTML files.

NetLingo Inc Go
Compendium of Internet terms explaining the online world of business, technology, and communications.

Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia Go
Reference to the technical operation of the internet.

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