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June 24, 2019
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Music Dictionaries
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Classicals Music Dictionary Go
Accelerando, accompaniment, adagio, air, alla, allegro.

Multi-lingual Music Glossary Go
Multi-lingual dictionary of musical terms. English - French - German - Serbian.

Classical Music Dictionary Go
Provides sound files and information on composers.

Piano Instructors - Music Terms and Dictionary Go
Provides a listing of common and rare musical terms and meanings, helpful for music and theory students.

Guitar Nine Records Glossary of Terms Go
Buzzwords, jargon and terms used in recording studios by producers, engineers, composers and musicians.

Glossary of Folk Instruments Go
Glossary of Folk Musical Instruments and Styles from around the world.

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 2nd edition, The Go
Offers subscription service to the complete text, plus a free trial.

Classical Works - Musical Terms Go
An online glossary of musical terms.

Musical Heritage Network Instrument Encyclopedia Go
Search for the instrument of your choice or browse through the collection by the Sachs-Hornbostel classification scheme or by geographical origin.

Music Outfitters - Online Music Dictionary Go
Online dictionary of musical terms.

The Rap Dictionary Go
Hip-hop slang and also contains a list of hip-hop artists and their real names.

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